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 Due to the ongoing severe drought in certain parts of the Southern Cape, with the resultant detrimental effect on the state of some of the District’s greens, it is with regret that the organizing committee of the All Cape tournament has to announce that LEISURE ISLE BOWLING CLUB would no longer be in a position to act as a hosting club to the event.   The Sections in the Men’s as well as Ladies draw that were carded to play at Leisure Isle have been moved to other venues, as follows:

Ladies: All sections originally drawn at Leisure Isle, are now playing at PLETTENBERG BAY COUNTRY CLUB, viz.

Sunday, 23 April:         Section 3

Monday, 24 April:       Section 2

Tuesday, 25 April:       Section 1

Wednesday, 26 April:Section 4

Thursday, 27 April:      Section 5

Men:   All sections originally drawn at Leisure Isle, are now playing at SEDGEFIELD BOWLING CLUB, viz.

Sunday, 30 April:         Section 3

Monday, 1 May:          Section 5

Tuesday, 2 May:          Section 1

Wednesday, 3 May:    Section 7

Thursday, 4 May:        Section 4

The printing of the Handbook has already been finalized, i.e. the change in venue will not be reflected in the Handbook, but all relevant documentation on our website, www.bowlssc.co.za has been updated with the new information.   These are the draw, venues per section and sections at each venue.   All other information on the website, e.g. conditions of play, play-off charts, etc. remains the same.

Any inconvenience caused by the change in venue is sincerely regretted.

Trevor Davis

Convenor: 2017 All Cape Organizing Committee




Participation by Malaysian Teams in the All Cape

With due regard to the consultations yesterday between the Presidents of the constituent districts of the All Cape Board regarding the above matter, a decision has been reached and conveyed to all players this morning. It reads as follows:


With regard to the participation of Malaysian teams in this year’s All Cape, the controlling body for this tournament, the ALL CAPE BOARD, has taken note of the various complaints received about the entry of teams from outside South Africa.
With due regard to the wider implications of allowing international teams to enter this tournament against club teams, it has been decided that, since they have been included in the draw, they are allowed to play, but will not qualify for the play-off stage of the tournament. At the end of sectional play on Thursday morning, their scores will be expunged (annulled), with the effect that only the results of games involving non-Malaysian teams will count in determining the outcome of sections in which Malaysian teams have played.
The BOARD wishes to emphasise that this decision has been taken after consultation with all relevant parties and in the interest of the All Cape tournament as such”.

It has subsequently been learned that the Malaysian ladies teams have withdrawn from the rest of the tournament, i.e. this morning’s game. The Malaysian men’s teams have also withdrawn from the tournament.

Thank you for your input in this regard.

Kind regards

Koos Louw
2017 All Cape Tournament Committee